AMBER SOUP is a brand of Odashi Japanese soup stock with three core principles: "Transparency", "Sustainability" and "Haute Couture".

Being easy to drink, just like tea or coffee, AMBER SOUP is a tasty and healthier alternative.

Through our guiding principles, AMBER SOUP defines a new basis of daily living, with the goal of helping to make life a little better.



To provide more people with "your own life" by providing,

safe and healthy soup stock to the body without waste

aiming to become a leading brand in the world,

to settle soup stock as a daily luxury goods like coffee and tea


In providing "soup stock", we will mention the following three things. Make your daily life more pleasant and healthy, something like a soup, deep "good" things. This is our promise of AMBER SOUP


AMBER SOUP is free from MSG, artificial additives, gluten and genetically modified crops. Natural goodness ensures maximum compatibility with your body’s natural rhythm.


AMBER SOUP's raw materials are purchased directly from fish ports and farms. Our soup is made from the finest quality ingredients, many of which are often discarded due to minor reasons. In Japan, approximately 20,000 tons of fish (21% of the catch) are dumped annually despite being landed. These fish are perfectly fine, but they may not conform to the strict sizing demands of the wholesale business. We purchase these larger or smaller fish, putting more money in the pockets of fishing crews and avoiding unnecessary waste. Drinking AMBER SOUP helps to contribute to our planet’s ecosystem.

Haute Couture

Following a careful review of conventional ingredients and manufacturing processes, we have tailored our AMBER SOUP to those who are new to the Odashi soup lifestyle. Through complete transparency with the production process, we can guarantee that safety and production values are maintained to the highest standards.


AMBER SOUP is made from the finest ingredients, sourced from some of Japan’s iconic ports. Through utilizing discarded catch, we can bring the highest quality Japan-sourced ingredients at a fair and honest price.

  • Product: AMBER SOUP (soup stock)
  • Main ingredients: Moonfish, Kelp, Shiitake
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Net Weight: 1kg (100g x 10 packets)
Small Moonfish

From Kasumi fish port

Slightly smaller than wholesalers desire, we can bring the iconic taste of Kasumi at a more reasonable price. Frozen on board, our Small Moonfish retain the ultimate in freshness.


From Rausu, Hokkaido

Often known as “kelp with hair,” resulting from its longer maturation period.


From Tsushima, Nagasaki

The stem of the famous shiitake mushroom is naturally sourced as a biproduct of the logging trade. Usually discarded, the stem adds a rich element to our flavorsome Odashi soup.