Our story

There are women called Ama in Japan. They’ve been diving at the seashore while catching only what they need, and have lived in harmony with nature.
The-tis Tea was born as their way of life resonating with our ideas so we paid homage to them in the name of Greek sea goddess Thetis.

Our Mission

Seaweed contains vitamins and calcium, as well as minerals such as iron, in abundance.For seaweeds to grow, there is no need for water, soil, fertilizer, pesticide, or deforestation.
It’s one of the most sustainable food supplies in the world.With a totally new food product, we will utilize this vast underwater meadow in solving our mineral deficiency.
We wanted to make The-tis Tea a beverage that is delicious, healthy, and good for the society. Wouldn’t you agree?Our mission is to create a beverage that will make people and the earth healthy.

Our Promises

For the realization of the good food, we will make four promises as follows

  • 1) Sustainable—use a sustainable resource in a sustainable way
  • 2) Organice—make organic products without the use of pesticides
  • 3) Traceable—make the trustworthy producers known
  • 4) Tasty—It has to be delicious, above all!